BURLESQUE FREAKOUT nominated for best underground party

We are pleasantly surprised to find out BFO has been nominated for a Gouden Kabouter 2010 in catagory Best Underground party! .........Didn't win it (this year)
BUT the party at Paradiso was FAB!

Bombshelly poses for calendar!
Signing and chance to WIN at Burlesque FreakOut 12 dec 2009!

Deze verjaardagskalender is het resultaat van een jarenlange samenwerking van fotografe Myrthe ter Maten en Burlesque performer (Bombshellys) & model Marieke Bos. Beiden studeerden af als modeontwerpster aan de Kunstacademie in Arnhem. Hun voorliefde voor fotografie, styling, stiletto's, lace & velvet delen ze nu eindelijk met de wereld. Myrthe zette Marieke in allerlei persoonlijkheden op de gevoelige plaat. Ze lieten zich inspireren door pin up sterren vanaf de jaren ’20; van Mae West, Betty Page tot Dita von Teese. Vintage lingerie, hoge hakken, onnozele poses uit de jaren 20 tot 50 passeren de revue en worden gemixt met elementen van nu. Elke maand belooft een nieuwe verrassing met de ‘girl next door’, een blonde bombshell of een flaming femme fatale in elk een eigen wereld van fantastische outfits en decors.

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video stills of Audience applauding the ZANE Sisters

Surprise performance by world famous ZANE SISTERS

The rumours were true, the Zane Sisters did come to town and did appear at (very successful) 5 September 2009 edition Burlesque Freakout in the Club 8, Amsterdam.
They were billed as the special surprise act, and almost couldn't make it in time to be in the main show ..But as luck would have it, and thanks to the efforts of Shai Shahar and Raul Dumas the Sisters got in to costume and then caused a near riot when the hit the stage and performed their phenomenal.."you have to see it to believe it."  fan waving, fanny slapping, and outrageoulsy " over the top routine".
The Sisters, one of the best kept secrets in Burlesque have a policy of no photos and no videos..PLEEZE as they want to maintain their status as the act you have to see " live"  or you never get to see at all.
And WE have a policy of respecting the wishes of our valued artists..so...all we can do is announce the next time they will be appearing and hope that you won't miss the opportunity to come and see for yourselves..since words
alone could never describe the Zane Sisters or their amazing, some would say "Zany"  act.



MORE STARS at Club-8

Besides the appearance of THE ZANE SISTERS t
he Sept 5th BFO also continued it's tradition of bringing BN-ers (Bekende Nederlanders or 'well known Dutch people') to the burlesque shows and including them in the show.
This time it was the lovely Cora Emens, known as the Sex-Coach of Holland, and known to everyone from her RTL4 series " Beter In Bed" and her many appearances on BNN's " Spuiten & Slikken".
She is also the founder of the RedTent movement with TV/Film star Afke Reijenga..
Cora , who first gained local fame in the 80's with her very sexy performances in the RoXY discotheek proved that despite the years she has kept her shape and her sense of humour and her love of theater.
On Saturday she appeared as Lady Godiva and again as Empress Katherine the Great of Russia, with her trusty horse, Raul...lala ...and we found it such a royal treat that we have asked her to please come back and do some more cameos in upcoming shows.

Other Special guests where singer Susan Rigvava-Dumas , who is a true (opera and musical) diva! (see youtube clip) AND well known GUEST DJ duo THE EASY ALOHA'S: underground heroes of the Easy Tune movement / nights at the RoXY in the 90's!

video still #1: Cora as Empress Catherine and her horse

video still #2: Lovely audience members enjoying themselves

video still #3: Susan Rigvava singin' fourties tune 'He's a Tramp'
this is no SM act: the man on the floor is the 'dog': all clean fun!


foto Arthur de Schmidt / The Hospages


And HERE a review + film! of the night.

Kabuki Guns Burlesque at BFO (YouTube)

Canadian Gals and Fashion Show
At July '09 edition of Burlesque Freakout at Club-8 entertaining and fabulous Canadian KABUKI GUNS BURLESQUE troupe proved to be a bunch of girls that ROCK! Great group acts and fun solos!
SUE MORENO & Mr. MILLS are indeed the embodyment of Hollywood Glamour and the fashion show as part of the public program of the AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK went really well! The whole night was made possible because our sponsor LOVE FROM HOLLAND lingerie believes in what we do, and most of all believes in the strong women (and some 'good men') who are not affraid to show their sexuality on stage, and have fun doing so! Guest appearance by Crooner Shai Shahar and Raoul..Lala made the night complete! Organisor Charley (A.K.A. Charles The Wizard) and Ir. VenderMeulen (Amsterdam BeatClub) played the most swingin' tunes and clips, audience stayed till the end wanting more...


The idea was to have Movie Premiere (live filming/documentary) of THE TEASE SHOW
Featuring Immodesty Blaize, Marc Almond and others.
besides the movie there would be; welcome bubbles, Candy Girls, Feather Girls, Terrebelius. Live burlesque performance and After Party with Amsterdam BeatClub DJ's
BUT due to circumstances out of our and Tuschinski's reach (the editing of the film was not ready in time for premiere!), sadly it was decided to cancel the whole night.
HOWEVER the people of Pathé Tuschinski (one of worlds' nicest art deco Palaces!!!) are negotiating with Amsterdam BeatClub and Madame Risquée (maker of Burlesque FreakOut) and finding a date (possibly end of 2009) to co-produce a complete live show! ...So watch this space!

Later however a Tuschinski Burlesque event did happen: