Burlesque FreakOut at Club-8 is a club night + 1 hour Burlesque / Variety Show on a stage. Mostly standing places, few seats, but the couches are nice. Also pool tables and large bar with good selection / friendly priced drinks.
Great dancingfloor + the best Retro / vintage dj's. Special is also the freaky and tittelating burlesque clips on the big screen.
Downstairs there is a poolhall


Club Night: Show + Party


Complete new show with international cast
live on stage:

ALSO: -Best dressed contest
-Daisy Lee with burlesque accesories stand.

Burlesque FreakOut is Amsterdam’s pioneering show that celebrates its 5th year! So this night we’ll have a fun show with most of the first ‘generation’ burlesque performers! The show encompasses not only old-school striptease but also the newer form of Neo-Burlesque which aims to use the form to create either comical/sattirical pieces or more pointed pieces of performance art. Plus comedy and plain freakiness! After the show the night continues to be a true clubnight for dancing (and flirting). The most experienced DJ’s in the ‘burlesque music genre’ will play from Big Band to Soul, Rock and Roll ‘till Balkan beats and more.....