Amsterdam Burlesque
Amsterdam Burlesque: Your Guide to the Naughtiest, Funniest, Sexiest, Most Glamorous Good Old Fashioned Entertainment in the World's most Liberal City!

Madame Risquée
Madame Risquée provides burlesque and other retro style entertainment, DJ's, VJ's and tailored shows or events for your business. the 'Madame' is producer of Burlesque FreakOut!

Burlesque Startpagina
(Dutch) starting page concerning burlesque theme

Burlesque DJ
Looking for a 'Burlesque DJ'?
1930's-1960's and well beyond ...Bookings are welcome!

1920's style party with often Vaudeville / burlesque acts, produced by Madame Risquée.

Wonder Salon
Party and performances with a twist, at Wonder Salon you will be on the juxtaposition of the cliche and the absurd: oddball, insane, brilliant, brave, hysterically funny and kitsch.

Burlesque History
Preserving the History of Burlesque, The Golden Days of Burlesque Historical Society was created to find and re-connect old performers from the many stages of old-time burlesque. BUY THEIR BOOK!

Burlesque Magazine
International On-Line Burlesque magazine. Don't miss this one!!

How to dress for a burlesque night out
Madame Risquée (WHOIS) often gets asked what you gals (and guys) should wear to a Burlesque event. Here some answers.

Bettie Page shop
On line shop for Bettie Page DVD's and mercandise.

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